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Fitness at Home - When getting to a gym is just too much effort...

We all mean well and want to be able to say we go to the gym regularly and get in a full and effective workout every time. However not many people can actually say that and be telling the truth. It can be hard at times, when you work or have kids, to get enough spare time and energy to actually get to the gym. It may involve getting the kids looked after or driving there and back. When realistically you can do a full work out in the comfort of your own home without having to break the bank for your gym membership.

Here's how...

I'm including a list of great body weight exercises that can be used in conjunction as an entire workout or as a speedy 10min session when you get the chance. They can also be used if you're struggling to sleep and you need something just to get you tired enough to drop off.

I could include pictures for every exercise however I am sure you know how to do most of these and if all else fails send me a message and I'll happily help you out or do a little googling and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking fore.

Muscle Group - ARMS (and as always - core)

1 - Press Ups

2 - Tricep Dips

3 - Incline Push Ups

Muscle Group - LEGS (and core!)

1 - Squats

2 - Reverse Lunges

3 - Lateral Leg Raises

4 - High Knees Jogging

5 - Heel Flicks Jogging

6 - Jump Squats

Muscle Group - CORE (and more core)

1 - Bicycle Crunches

2 - Sit Ups

3 - Plank

Muscle Group - EVERYTHING (don't forget core!)

1 - Mountain Climbers

2 - Burpees

It is very easy to add weight to some of these exercises, even whilst you're at home and don't have your own set of dumbbells. Have a look in your cupboards or fridge. Got any bags of flour, sugar or maybe a big water bottle that you can fill up. A bag or rice can be quite heavy. Lay it across your stomach when doing sit ups to add some extra resistance. When doing squats hold something heavy in both hands in front of your core to keep your upper body working.

The easiest way I think to get a good workout in at home is to aim to select between 4-8 exercises and complete the circuit 2 or 3 times (depending on the time you have available).

Use a 30secs:30secs ratio of work to rest and give yourself 2mins rest between the circuits. Always have a selection of muscle groups used in your workout and split up exercises using the same muscles. Try to avoid arms, arms, arms, legs, legs, legs. You'll die... Ok maybe not die but you'll burn yourself out far too quickly. Break it up a bit and add a bit of variety to avoid that from happening. Keep yourself motivated, get some music on and get going. Don't put it off, there's nothing stopping you apart from yourself.

If you'd like any help setting yourself up with a programme specifically for your own personal needs I'd be happy to give you some hints and tips. Or you can always book in a PT session with myself where I will provide a full personalised programme for your use within sessions with myself as well as on your own.

Happy Workouts Everyone!

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