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Getting fit is great for both your physical and mental health. It makes you feel good and look good! It shouldn't be a chore it should be something you look forward to doing each week. I provide both one to one sessions and group classes for all abilities and ages to help you to achieve your goals. Every individual programme is catered specifically for you and hopefully together we can help make those changes happen. Send me a message, let me know if you're interested and I can see how I can help.

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Penny is a fantastic PT - I booked 10 sessions with her as I was in a bit of a rut coming to the gym sporadically but without any real focus and got bored easily, so made excuses not to go. Penny has built a programme that is challenging, but within my capabilities (I have long term issues with my ankle joint) and most importantly for me the time flys by and boredom never sets in, meaning I work harder and more effectively. I am now 6 sessions in and can see improvements, my confidence has increased (now using equipment I usually avoided) as well as enjoying the sessions in themselves. Would definitely recommend to give PT a go and to contact Penny!



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Gedling, Nottingham, England, United Kingdom


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